Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Masala

In India, people refer to Masala as “the gossip”, which I find quite funny because they´d be like “OMG, let me tell you all my Masala!” haha Anyway, as many of you might know, Masala is -properly put- a type of Indian sauce which varies depending on the mixture of spices you use, kind of like the Mexican “Mole”.

I´ve always loved spicy food so when I got to go to India I was very excited about all the amazing new flavors I would get to try over there and I was not disappointed, quite the opposite actually, most Indian food lift up to my -rather high- expectations and ever since I love it almost as much as I love Mexican Food. Oddly enough, in Mexico, not a lot of people is into it though, they find it weird and some people is “afraid” of even trying it as they think it´s going to be too much, which -I insist- is strange considering Mexican food is also quite spicy and full of intense flavors.

In Mexico City, there only like 2 or 3 Indian Food Restaurants as, like I said, it´s not very popular; and the existing ones are sort of expensive as I believe they consider it “exotic” food. Needless to say, I had never been to any of these restaurants but wanted to for so long now, I had just never found someone who would dare going with me…until yesterday, when my good friend Maru aka El Soldado was feeling “adventurous” enough to go and give it a shot. So, we went to this place called “Tandoor” -quite creative and original…NOT!-.

The decoration wasn´t very Indian, it was more like any fancy restaurant, which disappointed me a little bit. The music wasn´t Indian either…another bit of a disappointment, until before we let they actually starting playing Indian music videos and that only was enough to change the whole environment. So, they brought the Menus and I was happy as I was familiar with most of the stuff there, I went through the whole thing even though I knew what I wanted even before we got there. A lot of things sounded absolutely luscious but I was determined not to leave the place without having my all-time Indian Favorite: Chicken Tikka Masala! Good thing is, since I was the “expert” there, Maru allowed me to make some dish recommendations to her and she actually listened to me! (You don´t know her, but she doesn´t take a lot of suggestions from people lol). She first said she wanted the same as me but I told her she should order something different so we could try more stuff, so I ordered Korma Mutton with Almonds.

The Chicken Tikka Masala was so good it took me back to Jaipur, where I had my first one. The color was off a little bit as it is usually red-ish and this one was yellow-ish, but as soon as I tasted it I loved it, I could feel the spices on my palate and little explosions of intense flavor in my mouth. I accompanied it with a Garlic Naan and it was -as Carrie Bradshaw would say- “Delicious, exactly what I wanted, I couldn´t get enough!”. I did feel like it wasn´t spicy enough but I get that it´s kind of hard to get the exact same spices from India here, however, it was all in all, a great meal.

Now, the Korma Mutton with Almonds, I have to admit I would have liked it to be a bit softer than it was as it is one of the mutton’s characteristics, but It was alright. The Masala that accompanied it was less spicy than the one with the Chicken, and darker but also very good and the almonds added an interesting touch. For that one, we ordered a Cheese Naan which was way better than the Garlic one, the latter was a bit toasted and crunchy and it´s supposed to be soft and warm. Although it was a very good dish, I prefer my Mutton with some Biryani and regular Naans or Chapatis.

So, all in all it was a great meal, so great I´m going to make it a point to go there at least once a month. If you live in Mexico City and want to give it a try which I would absolutely recommend-, the restaurant is called (again) “Tandoor” and it´s on the corner of Leibnitz and Copérnico, in the Colonia Anzurez. Quite easy to get there actually. Well, if you do go…enjoy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

June Quotes!!!

So, let's get started with some June Quotes as the Summer is just about to kick in and the fun time of the year is supposed to kick in as well. Well, while it does...let's have a kick outta people who say some funny stuff.


"Suele suceder que en los peores momentos de nuestra vida... aprendemos las mejores lecciones" - Paola Flores

"Charly - Qué haras cuando no haya tecnologia...diana bradshaw?
Me - uf, no lo se...huir al fin dl mundo y re-aprender a escribir a mano" - Convo between me + Charly

"It's an actual fact, there's no turning back." - Random

"Sobrevivencia inspira sobrevivencia." - Livestrong Foundation.

".. Soy tu tía Cher, bienvenido al Burlesque" - Iván Salazar

"aaawwwww hon what with the "thanks for asking preets" you are still random!!!" - Preethi B.

"socia, nunca has sido socialmente correcta" - Jimena Glez.--she says it's a good thing though...I hope.

"...i have no idea what goes on in that lil mexicano disco themed brain of yours!!" - Preethi B.

"i had me a virgin once!!!" - Ms. B.

"drunk on love, friendship...and happy memories" - Jodie Williamson

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Watched in April + May

I know I said I would do this monthly but sometimes I just don't have the time and can't quite keep up. However, I didn't wanna let two months go by without sharing what I Read +, wait, scratch that...I didn't read anything this time, I just watched, but well, that's something, right? The descriptions/reviews will be very brief coz June is already pushing our backs!

La Nana - Chilean and kind of weird movie, well, the main character is what was weird I think. It's about a Nanny who's very possessive and crazy at the same time, she's got some issues that she needs to resolve and the help comes from the least expected source.

Buda as sharm foru rikht (Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame) - I'm sort of conflicted about this movie, I really liked it but at the same time it frustrated me! The girl who's the main character is just exasperating at times and you kind of wanna kill her...until you feel sorry for her. All she wants to do is go to school, but living where she does, that is not an easy task to accomplish and she has to go though a lot of trouble on her way.

The Adjustment Bureau - A classic Matt Damon movie, good enough while you are the cinema but likely to forget when you get out. He plays a guy who's believes in destiny so much it makes it stubborn enough to chase a girl until she gets her...even if that's not part of the plan of life. Emily Blunt is kinda funny there.

Mademoiselle Chambon - A bit of a waste of time as nothing ever really happens, they give you bits of "tension"...but then again, nothing happens. No one famous, no one hot, no one under your own risk.

Twelve - Just don't.

Hereafter - Another Matt Damon movie, this is not a classic Damon though. It's about a "real psychic" who decides to retire because he doesn't feel good doing readings and being close to death...until he meets a lady, of course. Weird screen couple, I wouldn't have bet on it coz it doesn't make sense but the movie is sort of entertaining.

Memories of Anne Frank - I love Anne Frank's Diary and her history and all that, if you do too...don't watch this! It's about a girl who claims to have been Anna's best friend and have memories with and of her and her family but never in everything I've read/heard about Franks has even remotely acknowledge her existence; which is why it makes sense that the movie is full of inconsistencies and mistakes and, well, lies. Oh, and it's supposed to be a real story, which automatically makes it even worse.

Room in Rome - A good story, good direction, good acting. The whole story develops -pretty much- in one room and you don't die of boredom. It's one of those 2-character movies but the two of them are strong enough to hold the entire movie.

Red Riding Hood - If you have nothing better to do and wanna eat popcorn, this might be an okay option to join them. Personally, I totally dislike the blonde girl who's the main character, her acting is lame and so is the rest of the cast and the story; everything is too obvious and seen like a zillion times before. Boring!

Postmortem - Argentinian. Boring crap, don't even bother. In fact, I'd like my money back please!

The Stoning of Soraya - OGM! If you read the previous post you'll find out how I feel about this movie. It's really hard to watch but it's got good content, content worth spreading and sad it even happens. It's about the stoning of a woman who's -unfairly- accused of adultery and can't do or say absolutely nothing in her defense. Sad, but true story. Totally worth watching.

Scream 4 - What can I say? The good thing about it being a whole series is that you know exactly what you're getting into if you watch it, it's absolutely under your own risk! haha The story is totally absurd and they just tried too hard to end up with the same crap. Courtney Cox is totally hiatus and looks like she's had a 137 plastic surgeries, David Arquette must have wished he had his sister acting skills, he's such a retard and lousy actor and Neve Campbell seems to be the only decent of the trio, which is too much to say, so, go figure!