Friday, July 8, 2011

Some early Summer Quotes


"Me - Ay mamá, no puedo creer que, después de tantos años, sigas con tus frases noventeras!
Mom - No conozco otras!" - Me + Mumsy on her 90's phrases LMAO

"Jason is logging onto goingtobed.cause/" - Jason Gravestock

"Diana, sounds like you've learned a lot from your mom about being strong yourself!" - Sue M.

"With your charm and your Mexicanicious" - Preethi B.

"Cuál será su passsword...'Tarado1234'?" - Claudia P.

"Well, the fact that you're retarded is rather old" - Preethi B.--she's right about that! lol

"(...) I guess I should (...) just invite my special peeps who I wluld want there in my wildest dreams and let them decide how much they would regret missing their chance to touch the stole!" Karri D.--OMG, as retarded as her usual self, luv her!

"I want him/her back. I want me back. I want life back." - Annette A.

"Caras vemos, colas no sabemos" - Valeria L.

"aaassshhh x q eres tan hipster Davaya!!!!" - Victor C.

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