Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Best Food Blog Awards

There are hundreds of thousands (or maybe even more) of Bloggers all around the World and, most of us, do it just for fun, because we're passionate about something and we wanna share it with the World and because it is an amazing outlet; but if they tell you you can win an Award for doing that, well, that simply makes it all better, now, doesn't it?

In this particular occasion I am talking about a specific type of Blog, the Food Blog; which many times is done by professionals (chefs, cooks, photographers, writers, etc.) but, most of the times, by Foodies. Anyone can have a Blog, but to reach so many people with it, engaging them to it and making it love it so much they award you for it...well, not many people can do that.

So, today, thanks to Saveur Magazine, I bring to you the 2012 Best Food Blog Awards Winners!

This is the third year for this Awards, and they sorted through nearly 40,000 nominations for blogs, videos, and websites. They chose 6 finalists for each category so, finally, the winner of each one was chosen by user votes.

Congratulations to all of the finalists and, particularly, to the winners! Here are the 2012 Best Food Blog Award winners!

Best Cooking Blog

WINNER: Lottie + Doof

Best Baking & Desserts Blog

Best Single Recipe, Sweet Or Savory

Best Food Photography

Best Single Food Photo

Best Wine or Beer Blog

Best Culinary Travel Blog

Best Regional Cuisine Blog

Best Piece of Culinary Writing

Best Restaurant/Dining Coverage

Best Celebrity Food Blog

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