Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eating My Way Around Italy III: The best pasta in Rome

It is more than obvious than if you go to Italy, you will have pasta, and very good pasta, of course...but, how are you gonna find what the best is? Well, don't you worry, I got this one, I went on a sort of Quest to find the best Pasta in Italy and I'm about to tell you where that is, so keep reading!

I tried pasta in several different places, all in order to be able to inform YOU about it, obviously! 

I will start with a nice Lasagna I had in Lucca, Tuscany; it was good and tasty, buuut...Mom used to make a killer lasagna, so, this one next to hers turned out to be just average really. It was correctly priced though, for a restaurant in the Center of the town.

Lasagna in Downtown Lucca

Also had Gnoqui, which I absolutely love and was pretty much obsessed about, especially with pesto! So, when I went for dinner to the super trendy and nice neighborhood of Trastevere in Rome, I ate at a restaurant called "Il Ponentino". Gnoqui was good, really good actually, however, the serving portions were just ridiculously way too much -for any normal human being- and they didn't have the "to go" option, and I wasn't gonna waste any gnoqui, no sir! So, I ate the whole thing...therefore, I am now done with gnoqui 'till further notice, thank you very much.

Gnoqui at "Il Ponentino"
Penne Carbonara at "Il Ponentino"

On the Food Tour, I also had pasta, this time at a place called "Da Bucatino" , which is said to be one of the best Trattorias in Rome and local people just can't get enough of. We got to taste 2 different types of pasta there: Penne with tomato sauce and basil and the always-popular Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper). Now, the penne was good but the Cacio e Pepe was just fantastic! Stil, however, did not blow my mind, no. I'd still say it's an awesome place for trying Cacio e Pepe though.

Up: Cacio e Pepe Down: Penne with tomato sauce and basil
Da Bucatino, Rome

I got one last option before revealing to you what -for me- was the best pasta in Italy. This one is from a place in Rome called "Tudini", one block away from Termini Station. I had a spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil (I just can't get enough of basil!) and it was super fresh and delicious. I really enjoyed it and I think you would, too. Also, their spaghetti alla bolognesa is really good!

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil @ Tudini, Rome

And last, but never ever least -drum roll, please-...The very Best Pasta in all of Italy. I bring to you: Channel Spaghetti (spaghetti with lobster and an amazingly luscious sauce) from Spaghetteria e Pizzeria "L'Archetto". This place is awesome, they're very serious about pasta, so serious their menu has over 100 types of pasta to choose from! Their spaghetti alla bolognesa is great as well, not to mention their pizza...I could also declare it the best pizza in Italy! So, if you're not feeling like eating lobster on your pasta, that's alright, you will always another 100 choices.

Chanel Spaghetti @ L'Archetto, Rome

L'Archetto is near the Trevi Fountain

A family place with barely any tourists!

Delicious Spaghetti alla Bolognesa

Perfect dinner in Rome!

Oh, and remember, the secret to eat as much pasta as you like without getting like Tony from The Sopranos has to be al dente (not cooked all the way)!

Been to Italy and found an amazing pasta? Tell us about it!

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