Friday, November 22, 2013


As you may know, I love music, especially live music, so whenever I get a chance to go to a concert -regardless the type of music (well, pretty much)-, I will take it. I've seen a few live shows in Seoul which go from classical music to K-Pop; this time I got to see something quite original, it's a band called "SOREA Band" and what's really cool about them is that they play modern music with Korean Instruments, which is an interesting twist.

They make some covers of classics such as Mary Mary's "Real Party" and even some K-Pop covers such as "Gee" by SNSD (aka Girls Generation). Another cool thing about them is that they have some B-Boys (Break Dance Boys) dancing with them on some of the songs, which gives their performance a whole new vibe and a total new perspective; sometimes, they also perform with traditional Korean dancers.

SOREA Band performing live

SOREA Band performing with B-Boys

All in all, it's an act you wouldn't really wanna miss. They've done shows in Europe and the US but they currently perform mainly in Korea, so if you have a chance to catch them, make sure you do and bring all your friends coz you'll be in for a treat.

Here's a video of their performance last week at the H Festival at the National Gugak Center in Seoul.

And if you liked them so much you wanna find out more about them and when/where to catch them live, visit their Facebook Page!

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