Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mexican in Korea P.II

So, I did the "Mexican in Korea P.I." but hadn't quite been able to get to the "Mexican in Korea P.II", well, today I was just going to write about it but then I realized I can so much better than that...I can show you what it is like for Mexicans to live in Korea.

You probably have SO many questions about it, well, today I introduce to you my YouTube Channel: Double Trouble en Corea which I created a few months ago along with my sister, and together, we live, film and share our life and experiences in Seoul, South Korea; all with a Mexican point of view f course as..well, we are Mexicans! :)

Anyway, without further due, here's our channel, please check it out, give us thumbs up if you like it and subscribe if you'd like to see more videos from us!

The channel's main language is Spanish, but we also make some videos i English and we will continue to make more in English and, who knows, maybe some day we'll even make some in Korean! ^^

On the channel page you will be able to find all of our Social Networking Sites to stay connected with us and contact information, in case you wanna shoot us an email and say hi or something.

Please, show some love and share it with your friends and family. Enjoy watching!!

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