Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Don’t Visit Korea…

In many countries of the World, the Hallyu Wave aka Korean Wave has made a huge impact in the past few years. Girls everywhere are going crazy about K-Pop music and the “idols” in their boy bands, about Korean Dramas and the good-looking guys in them; however, South Korea is so much more than that. The real South Korea has so many more things to offer than just Hallyu. South Korea is an amazing country with a heritage worth knowing, it has incredible architecture, both, traditional and modern; it has really good food and above all, really good people.

A lot of people may not see South Korea as a destination worth traveling to as a tourist because they believe they won’t find anything else but K-pop and K-Dramas and it doesn’t really have any major landmark or cultural representative; in short, most people think South Korea is not for you if you’re not a teenager with the hot pants for Korean boys; however, as an experienced traveler, I can tell you this country has so much to offer that is definitely worth the trip all the way to the good old East.

In South Korea you will find art, culture, delicious food, history, beautiful beaches, wonderful architecture, lots of good shopping, entertainment, mountains and, of course, nice people. You may call South Korea the “off-the-beaten-path” country of the East. Yes, everyone knows about Japan and China, and everyone wants to visit Kyoto and see Geishas, and go to Cat Cafes; and everyone wants to see the Great Wall, eat real Chinese food and see Bruce Lee’s homeland; but not really a lot of people know about South Korea and the great finding it is as a destination.

So, if you call yourself a real traveler and are always in the look for places where you can learn, have fun and just enjoy yourself, this might be it for you! Otherwise…

Don’t visit South Korea if you’re not open to new things.
Don’t visit South Korea if you don’t wanna discover a new culture.
Don’t visit South Korea if you don’t wanna open your world to awesome adventures.
Don’t visit South Korea if you think it’s all about K-Pop and K-Dramas here.
Don’t visit South Korea if you if you only travel to places to see their “must-see” landmarks.
Don’t visit South Korea if you only visit “hot” countries everyone else visits.
Don’t visit South Korea if you’re not open to experience new flavours and textures in foods.
Don’t visit South Korea if you think everyone here looks like they do on TV.

And above all…
Don’t visit South Korea if you’re not looking to have wonderful travel experience!



  1. Nicely put Miss Verdín. I'd also like to know what it's like to be the exotic one in a foreign land.

    1. Well, well, well, what an honor to have you here Mr. Palacios. How you did you find your way to my ramblings? To answer to your question, it -generally- feels good, though some other times it's too awkward and bothersome -but I deal with it and try to make the most out of it :)

      P.S. Email me sometime (same address as always).

  2. Hello Diana.
    I enjoyed reading your blog!
    Do you still live in Korea? I would like to talk to you for some help.
    Can you please contact me to jhpark@couchgram.net or text me to 010-9961-5501?

  3. Hola, con mi básico inglés he logrado entender algunas cosas, que por cierto, me parecieron muy buenas. La cultura oriental siempre me ha llamado la atención, además, mi tío abuelo lucho a favor de Corea del Sur en la guerra de Corea; así que me gustaría saber algunas cosas para visitar Sur Corea. Si te puedes comunicar conmigo, por favor envíame un correo a: gianelly99@gmail.com


  4. Hi, Diana! My name is Viviana! I enjoy to read your posts! I´ve watched your videos on your youtube's channel. I´m indeed with you: Korea- and Asia- is more than doramas, singers and groups. Specially, Korea... I think they have a rich culture:history, traditions, etc! great blog!!

  5. hola diana sigo sus videos de double trouble pero creo que no me habia metido a tu blog nunca me encanto este articulo que escribiste saludos para ti y gisela y gracias por compartir