Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Life is Now!"

"Life is Now!" is an Art Project inspired by the passion to live and enjoy life to the fullest and it's, at the same time, intended to inspire others to find whatever it is they need to spark their lives and start living them to the fullest.

I am a 34-year-old Mexican Photographer who's always had a passion for all things art and visual; I've always had an urge to be able to express myself beyond words as I believe visuals have an even bigger reach, no language needed, no knowledge necessary, no thing, just an image, something that you can simply look at and, perhaps not quite understand, but that makes you feel something. I've always believed that as long as an image is able to evoke a sentiment within you, it's done it's job, regardless of what that sentiment is. Moving you somehow and touching sensitive vibes is the ultimate goal of an image.

In this particular case, I am focusing on "written art" as it is a crucial time for me to make people aware of the message that I want to convey. Long story short, I am living with brain tumors and have been given only a few months left to live; which far from making me sad, makes me wanna be stronger, go out there and live life to the fullest possible. Not that I wasn't living like that before, I've always been the kinda person that does whatever it takes to be comfortable in life, whether that entails making some sacrifices sometimes, working as hard as you can or things like that; but well, now, with an "expiration date" in my life, things do change a little as time becomes less and less and I don't know when I will stop being a normal-functioning human being.

That said, not only do I feel the HUGE need to make the most out of life as possible and try to get done as much as I've always wanted to but to, while at it, spread the word to as many people as I can so that they can do the same with their own (lives).

Now, "but...isn't that obvious?" you may think? That there's only one life, that you should enjoy life, that you should seize every opportunity and all those things; you would think so, yet, the human being insists on obsessing with the least worth it things in life and overlooking the real meaning of life, which, as lame as it may sound, is HAPPINESS.

So, in 17 phrases, I decided to try to encourage people to get out there, to take chances, to be bold, to dare to be happy in spite of what others think, to get out of their comfort zone in order to achieve what they dream of, to be free, to be authentic, to provoke them to actually live!

Due to the limited resources, this is (for now) only an ONLINE project as that's all I can do by myself right now; however, I would like to make a call out to all artists out there to help me turn this project into actual Neon Art that can be exhibited in an actual place, where many people can see it and, perhaps, feel enticed and inspired by it. 

If you're an artist and would like to collaborate with me on this project, please feel free to contact me (there is a link to my email on my profile at the bottom of this page).

For the time being, the Project will be shown online daily on my Instagram Page, where I will be releasing an Image per day starting on January 31st (KST). On the same day, the ENTIRE project will be published on this blog; so please, feel free to share it as much as you can to help spread the word, it will be much, much appreciated.

Please, look forward to the project and support it to help others live life fully.

-  Diana Verdín


  1. No cabe duda, eres una mujer fuerte e inspiradora. =)

  2. I follow you on Instagram, Facebook and of course YouTube. I have spent almost 2 hours tonight going thru some of your blogs (not in order) and it makes me think that I know you a tiny better. thank you for making some of your thoughts public. Also I will share your new project because it sounds very interesting...Cannot wait for it to start!! Claudia.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read :)

  3. Me uno al proyecto!! :D

  4. Fantástico!!!
    Love it,love it, love it.

  5. Gracias por abrir este espacio, abrazos.

  6. Excelente Diana!
    I'm happy for this art project!!
    You are right "Life is now"!!!

  7. You are one of the strongest women I have met, you have inspired me to make decisions that I had not taken before I will follow you in any project you have, you are an extraordinary woman ♥

  8. Wooow ���� te admiro y te respeto Diana eres un gran ser humano, Gisela y tú son un ejemplo de lo que es un hermano, no solo es esa personita q nace de la misma mama o papá sinno que se convierte en el compañer@ de vida! Les mando un abrazo, saludos desde Xalapa

  9. Eres una guerrera, vas a inspirar a mucha gente con tus blogs, bendiciones.Gracias por compartir

  10. Dianita así como transmites muchas emociones con tus fotografías lo haces con tus palabras gracias por el maravilloso e increíble ser humano que eres te admiro

  11. Deberíamos comenzar a vivir la vida al máximo desde este instante, muchas veces la rutina, el trabajo y las demás cosas que el mundo nos impone hace creernos que no tenemos el tiempo y la economía para cumplir nuestros deseos.
    Me uno al reto de dar lo mejor de mí cada segundo sin preocuparme por el que dirán o por un “no tengo tiempo" vida solo hay una y debemos sacarle el máximo provecho. Bendiciones Diana.

  12. Hola Diana. La verdad encontré tu canal no hace mucho pero he visto varios de sus vídeos por que? Simple! Lo mejor de la vida es lo menos posado, lo más natural, el día a día. No te negare que me dio nostalgia ver tu primer video acerca del cancer (ojo no pena solo nostalgia) y ahora que nos das esta noticia solo quiero repetir algo que vi en tus redes 'vive con recuerdos no con sueños' entonces me da gusto que te vayas a aventurar, a viajar, a vivir pero principalmente a dejarle los mejores recuerdos a Gizela, ella es fuerte. Sonríe y vive Diana vive lo mejor que puedas sonríe siempre. Mis mejores deseos - me recordaste a valorar lo pequeño de la vida que no valoramos porque así somos! Un abrazo a la distancia.

  13. Diana, you truly are an inspiration that transmits hope, and life!! Your quotes always make me think and moves me to persevere through the rough times! May you be blessed with a miracle.

  14. ¡Hola Diana!
    Mentiría si digo que veo todos sus videos de su canal de "double trouble" porque no. Reconozco que si he visto varios. :) y por ello me dí cuenta de las novedades que tienes sobre tu "expiration date". Creo que lo mencionas así en uno de tus videos mas recientes, y me arranco una sonrisa. Todos tenemos esa fecha pero pocos estan conscientes de ella.

    La verdad te escribo porque me nació. Yo vivo en Finlandia, a unos 500km de Helsinki. Es algo "exotico" por aca porque vivimos en invierno casi todo el año. Bueno depende de tu referencia, pero me atrevería a decir que es literal lo que digo.

    En fin, el motivo de mis lineas es si quieren parar por un par de dias por acá adelante, ya que andas con la idea de conocer lugares, pues porque no comentarlo :-)

    Creo que se quedará mi correo por aquí y me puedes escribir si creen que la idea les convence :-)

    Les mando muchos saludos a ti y a Gisela y a seguir viviendo intensamente cada día porque es lo único que realmente tenemos :-)

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