Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Quotes


"The only reason people hold on to memories is because those are the only ones that don´t change when everything else does." - Random

"When did we become one of those couples whose lives evolve around their rats?" - Mike from Friends
"We can never know the moment our lives are about to change forever" - Random

"we are moving out of sunny london to the great city of manchester" - Kirsty Marshall

"La más grande revolución de mi existencia es el descubrimiento de que los seres humanos pueden cambiar los aspectos externos de sus vidas cambiando los actitudes internas de sus mentes" - JAO

"...most of these songs have pretty tragic, melancholic sad stories but I tend to try to wrap them in this bubbly and happy melody as I can, and I think the truth is I probably fool hundreds of people on the radio every single day, so shame on me but I think it's more fun that way, pop music should have more layers..." - Marit Larsen--Amen!

"im not fugly, its just a skin condition!!!!" - Beric

"Hey, let's go somewhere fantastic tonight and have a fantastic time! What can we do that would be fantastic?" - Carrie Bradshaw

"my mum and i packed my stuff.. clothes cosmetics and all that jazz" - Preethi B.

"Se escribe para llenar vacíos, para tomarse desquites contra la realidad, contra las circunstancias..." - Chico Calavera

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