Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Italy and La Dolce Vita

If you find the title of this post familiar, it's probably because you've seen (or heard of) "La Dolce Vita", a film by renown director, Federico Felini; if that's the case, you also know that it is quite a random movie and it isn't really (precisely) about living "The Sweet Life" in Italy. However, when eating great food, meeting good people, drinking good wine, seeing awesome places and having a great time in general in this country, everybody refers to this as "living the dolce vita", which -in the literal sense- is absolutely true.

When traveling to Italy, you know that not only will you get to see magnificent ancient places full of history, and tons of ridiculously gorgeous art and pretty little towns, you know that you will also be having feasts -pretty much- every single day; needless to say, this is -indeed- living la Dolce Vita!

So, my sister and I embarked on a much-needed vacation and decided we needed to live la Dolce Vita pretty badly, at least for a couple of weeks, and there we went.

There is too much to share about this trip such as the food, the art, the architecture, the places and, of course, the whole travel experience in such a peculiar country as it is Italy. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts all Italy-related.

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