Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No Christmas Miracle in South Korea

I knew this Christmas would be different since, for starters, I'm not only in a different country than my own (Mexico) but this country, Korea, is in a different continent, QUITE far from home. And well, Koreans don't really care about Christmas. Sure, they start getting ready for it early on and you see tons of places with Christmas lights and decorations everywhere and all BUT, to Koreans...Christmas is pretty much it, well that and shopping, of course.

Having a completely different culture, Koreans see no real relevance in the Christmas celebration as the opposite side of the World (the Western) does; and while not the whole western may celebrate the same thing (Baby Jesus' Bday! lol), we all tend to focus this celebration on one thing: The Family. Here is different though; here, Christmas is for the couple to have romantic dates and whatnot, kinda like a Valentine's Day...weird, I know, but that's how it is. So, if you're Korean and are not in a couple, you don't really give a damn about Christmas.

For me, it was kinda sad cause Christmas is my ultimate favorite Holiday and not being able to celebrate it the way I'm used to (with food, basically haha) was a tad disappointing. I have to admit that, deep inside of me, lied this dream/hope that somehow, we'd have a proper Christmas Dinner with Turkey, mash potatoes, salad, cake, wine, punch, cyder, presents, etc, know, the way Rudolph + Mrs. Claus intended; however...that didn't happen. Sadly, no Christmas miracle happened (to me) in Korea. 

What did I do instead, you ask? Well, I went to this Hip-Hop party/concert and dropped it like it's hot until past 2am, yes sir! lol It's definitely not the way I imagined I would spend Christmas Eve, but it is what it is and I did start this 2013 with a YOLO Philisophy so, I went there and partied up and, at least, had with me the one thing that's a certainty in my life and that I'm always thankful for: my sister!

So, while there was no Christmas Miracle and I am not precisely where I would like to be at the moment (in life, not location wise), I am still pretty happy cause I know I am closer and I definitely feel much better, about myself and life in general, that I did last Christmas. And, if not a miracle, I'd say that's a pretty good thing! 

My sis + I on the Photoshoot for our Season's Greetings cards

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