Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10's of 2010

Everyone everywhere seem to be making their Top 10 lists of pretty much everything good and bad, so I thought...well, why not? And decided to make my very own Top 10's of the year, which, as every other Top 10 around, is absolutely personal and subjective, as it is obviously, based in my personal opinion and taste. I didn't wanna bore you with too many lists, so I just made 3 of them, taking into account 3 things I consider to be important in life; also, January and early 2010, somehow, seem kinda blurry for me now, like it was way long ago, you know? There are some things that happened that I thought happened last year or before and stuff like that--weird, I know...must be the Alzheimer's making progress haha

Anyway, the Top 10's I decided to enlist are: Music, Movies + Moments/events that were/are important and worth mentioning and keeping in mind for a while regarding this year, which in general, was quite good to me, with tons of ups and downs but I think more ups than downs, to be honest, and well, I am incredibly thankful for the things and experiences I've had and I truly hope even better things come along this upcoming 2011, not only for myself but also for all you out there reading this...and well, for the ones not reading too, why not? lol

Ok, with no further due, here are my Top 10's of 2010


1) Black Swan - By FAR, the BEST movie of the year!

2) Inception
3) The Runaways
4) Easy A
5) Toy Story 3
6) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I
7) Biutiful
8) Nowhere Boy
9) La Teta Asustada
10) The Ghost Writer

Black Swan


1) Moriarty

2) Fake Blood
3) Cocoon
4) Alicia Keys
5) Le Butcherettes

6) If The Kids
7) CocoRosie
8) Miike Snow
9) The Ting Tings

10) The XX

Le Butcherettes


1) Going back to Paris

2) Going to NYC for the first time

3) Quitting Ships
4) Giving it a second chance to London

5) Knowing when to give up

6) Coming back home (both times)
7) Seeing old friends back in Europe again after 3 years

8) Buying my Nikon D700

9) Going to the MOMA

10) My family holiday to Oaxaca during Summer


If you disagree with me, that's cool, you can always leave a comment and let me know YOUR own Top 10's. ;)

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