Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Quotes


Before the weekend's gone, I thought I'd leave you a few quotes for you to laugh and warm up a bit as, perhaps, you need it, especially if you're in Europe, Asia, the US and somewhere cold. Cheers!

"Merci Diana!" - François Mafille in a very sarcastic tone when I ruined his wireless connection lol

"...quiero pedirles que me acompañen en una oración uno por la paz que estos ataques entre las CHINAS no empeoren nuestra situación" - Alicia Machado on the North Korea attacks to South Korea

"Lindsay Lohan es bien loca, no?" - Wyneth Paltrow Guest-starring on Glee

"Soñe que estaba en una gondola en el espacio y me levante de buenas." - María Daniela

"Life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it" - Black Box Recorder

"C - Sra. D
D - Srita., que aun no me caso
C- Pero ya diste tu flor" - Convo between me + Charly Mora

"Ay Loser, hay que hablarnos siempre!" - Ana Patrón after yet one more odd event happened to us, good odd though.

"I was at the park in the snow this morning when I saw a small girl fall out her sledge . I say small girl, by the time she reached to bottom of the hill she was fucking massive" - Jason Gravestock

"C.Ronaldo.."The God of football sent me to this planet to teach people how to play and showcase my talent". Messi, when asked for his thoughts on the statement, said "I don't remember sending anyone" - LMAO!

"que malo que aigan quitado el vuelo directo de tijuana culiacan" - A Random Ignorant

"todo depiende de lo que quieres hacer : bailar o drogarte." - Remi Belot on choosing between Cuba or Colombia

BTW, there are 860 published quotes so far...getting closer to the 1000th! To see the Complete Quote Collection, click here!

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