Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Quotes


Hey everyone! Just dropped by to leave you a few new Quotes for the month for a little entertainment and maybe insightful knowledge at times hehe. Will be back soon with some more! In the meantime, please enjoy December and this wonderful weather we have in Mexico City, as finally the sun has stepped back a bit to let the cold freeze us so we're able to use those fabulous winter outfits we all have in the closet and barely get the chance to wear.

"When I think of the ideal CS experience, I picture something that starts with a travel talk with a stranger, and ends up becoming a strong friendship." - A Random CS--I strongly agree with him

"Ve con tu manzanita…tu Mac te extraña" - Gichef when I used more my BB lol

"Paris a great city unless you are dead inside!!!!" - Jason Gravestock

"Mejor jóvenes empresarios que jóvenes sicarios" - Fidel Herrera

"La sencillez se lleva en el corazón, en la ropa son fachas" - Doña Luisa Freyre

"S- Hablas español?
A- Es lo único que hablo" - Ana Patrón + a Stranger on the street lol

"I'm going to have to start following my brain, my heart is clearly an idiot." - Pao Vigueras

"WOUUAAAAAAH !! la palabras le flatan para decirtelo : tu foto nos impresiona mucho." - Charline Picard

"Adenacin (sp?) is the one who lives by the border because they renounce to the comfort of family life in order to see enlightenment" - Eat, Pray, Love

"...I couldn't help but wonder, has the world gotten smaller or I just keep going through the same paths over and over again?..." - Me

"I'm happy u went and lived the dream, even if it was to realize that it's not what u want" - Victor Chao

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  1. Me encantaron 2.... "I´m going to have to start following my brain..." y "Im happy u went and live the dream..." me siento totalmente reflejada en ambas! jaja un beso!