Saturday, August 14, 2010

Luck vs. Fortune

Throughout my life people have called me "lucky" several times, especially the last few years and it recently dawned on me that it's one of those gray areas in my mind that has always been hard to define. Is being fortunate the same thing as being lucky?

Due to this question going around in my mind for days now, I did some research and found some interesting stuff. These are some interesting/insightful statements I stumbled upon:

Statement no. 1
"(...) I don't think 'luck' is some innate quality that a person is born with. I'm of the mindset that fortune is an extension of luck. A person can't just wait for either good fortune or good luck to arrive. You create your own luck by the opportunities you take and or make and the results of said opportunities ultimately create your personal sense of fortune."
What I think:
I definitely share the mindset that people isn't born 'lucky' but they actually create their own luck; it is the result of the chances and/or decisions you make and how you decide to turn things up, you CAN'T just 'get by' in life!

Statement no. 2
"good fortune and luck are the same thing, represent the same view. Actually, if people are usually positve, good fortune will naturally come around that person. (...) good forturne comes because of our optimism that's all."
What I think:
I absolutely agree with this one here; things don't always turn up the way they're supposed to or the way you'd want them to, however, remaining positive will always lead you to a better path. Being negative will lead you nowhere...nowhere nice at least.

Statement no. 3
"When I reflect on individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing in my life that I felt were both fortunate and/or lucky I have found that they all share several common denominators:
1) They take advantage of "chance" opportunities! Ever notice that "lucky" people never turn their backs on a new opportunity? It's been said that every opportunity leads to another one. And somewhere among all those opportunities is the gold nugget you're been looking for. Being open-minded, networking and being inquisitive are all elements that lead to unexpected opportunities which in turn lead to unexpected success.
2. Gut instincts are often the right instincts! Some of the wisest decisions ever made were acted on by an individuals listening to their intuition and gut feelings. Again, this isn't just "luck". And you can actually boost your intuition by maintaining a positive view of life, by meditating and staying clear of negative energy."
What I think:
This is one is the best of all and I totally concur with it. You see, to get things in life you have to give, yes, you have to give the things the chance to happen, how? Very easy, just by opening your mind and taking the opportunities you get, perhaps you won't get exactly what you expected, but even if you don't, that will for sure lead you to other opportunities that may result in what you're looking for, however, you will NEVER know if you don't start TAKING CHANCES. And yes, following your gut will definitely work more than a couple of times!

So, to sum it all up; I think I can consider myself to be both, VERY lucky and fortunate, indeed but for sure not just because I was born like that or because my star sign dictates it, but because I work on creating my own luck; I try to take as many chances as life presents me, the way I see it, I got more to win than to lose and it is like that in most cases; "worst case scenario", you will always walk away with a lesson learned, which I consider to be a lot already!

Also, no matter what I always try my best to remain positive even against the odds, which sometimes may seem to be a lot and not good ones, and even though I may get stressed or desperate for a little while, I'm always hoping for the best, in the end, whatever has to happen WILL happen. Sometimes, things are not meant to be and we also have to learn how to deal with that.

And last but not least I, definitely, maintain a positive view of life, I try to meditate (though I honestly think I can try harder) and I absolutely do my best to stay clear of negative energy...even if it means staying clear/away of negative people that I love. You have to be very aware of the things, situations and people that bring bad/negative energy to you so you can avoid them as much as possible.

My piece of advice for you (IF you wanna be "lucky" or "fortunate" that is, of course):
Be positive, take chances and, if you feel like it, just go for it; don't let anything/anyone stop you from getting what/where you want! if you can see it, you can totally do it (being realistic is important).

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