Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Stuff For The Pleasure of your Ears

One of my favorite things about traveling and meeting people is that I get to do what my friend Jason would call "virtual robbery", yes, I get to "steal" some of the best music tracks that exist on their computers; this music exchange is very refreshing for me as I always enjoy getting new music, as well as sharing mine with the world--it'd be too selfish of me if I kept things like "Amandititita" all to myself, wouldn't it? haha jk...(or, am I?)

Sometimes, some of it is music I already know and/or like but I don't yet have, sometimes it's a lot of new music proposals that I end up loving (most of them anyways), and sometimes...sometimes I'm just pleasantly surprised with music that I didn't think I'd like but then can't stop playing over and over. Another way to get new music is from the TV Adverts--odd yes, but if you knew how many great songs I've gotten that way, you'd be surprised!

So, these days I am quite happy as I have TONS of new music to listen to and don't get bored, at least until Christmas! lol

Today, I'd like to be a good Samaritan and share some of that great music with all of you. I could actually name too many bands/artists but I don't want your brain to explode or anything like that or have you go "oh, that list it too long...I'll check it some other time" and then you never will, so I'll be short + sweet so you actually give it a go. And, please, bare in mind that I usually have VERY good music taste so you might really wanna consider these recommendations =) Ok, so less chatting and more recommending, I'll leave you the:

Top 5 Things You Should Listen...
( educate your ears...and if they're already educated -coz I know some of yours are-, well, then just to please them)

- Moriarty ("Jimmy", "Private Lily")
- Fake Blood ("Fix your accent", "I think I like it")
- Cocoon ("On my way", "Vultures")
- Everything Everything ("Photoshop handsome", "MY KZ UR BF")
- Emiliana Torrini ("Jungle drum", "Birds")

What's in parenthesis is the name of my fave songs by them, therefore, what you may wanna try first, though everything by them is quite brilliant really. And well, I have a little extra for you...coz I'm in a good mood.

- If The Kids ("Tell me what you want", "Life is now")
They're a French Duo that's just up and coming and hasn't even released an album yet, so they're the freshest item on my list and I kinda find them absolutely awesome, though they remind me a bit of "The Ting Tings"--really, good stuff!

If The Kids - Tell Me What You Want

Alright, that's it for now but I may feel like a good Samaritan again sometime soon and come back to share some more cool stuff with you people. Oh, and if you have anything you wanna recommend me, please be my guest!

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