Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Quotes

These are Thankksgiving Quotes just because today is Thanksgiving Day, not because the quotes are related to the holiday really, I just thought I'd title the post according to the day hehe Anyways, enjoy!

"life doesn't give u the people u want.. it gives u the people you need... to love u.. to hate u.. to make u.. to break u & to make u the person u were meant to be..." - Jodie Williamson

"...a pesar de la esponja, me pareces una mujer muy liberada, sigue asi!" - Charline Picard after I told her women in Mexico are still slaves of the "sponge" to do the dishes lol

"I'm super happy about this day!" - Charles Antonie

"Amiga eso es muy de prostis haha...Estoy orgulloso de ti :)" - Gerardo López--when I told him something NOT 'de prostis'! haha

"C - Do you get it? (a card game he was explaining to me)
D - No, I'm sorry, I'm retarded!
C - But you're pretty" - Conversation between me + Chris--dunno weather to feel insulted or flattered lol

"quiero tener los ojos jaladitos como las japonesas, me gusta mucho!!" - Ma. Daniela

"una tonteria osada (con humor abajo del cinturon, si intiendes lo que quiero decir ;-)" - Charline Picard

"tuve q advertirle en el camino que no dijera esas cosas que siempre dicen las mamas para apenar a sus hijos" - Gichef

"...ireland i like more... and those well built.. handsomely rogue, lip smackingly yummy men" - Preethi B.

"Equally elegant and Wild Beast" - Paris toilet

"Que mágico que tengas BB (as in BlackBerry)!" - Gaby Barrera

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BTW, so far, I have a total of 838 quotes so I'm thinking I should make this interesting and give a prize or do something cool for the person who says my quote number 1000, what do you think? I think it should be fun, so you people go on and keep on making me laugh, cry, think, wonder, be interested and entertained with what you have to say. And who knows? Perhaps stupidity will get you something good for a change! hahaha jk

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