Friday, November 12, 2010


People seem to be very inspired lately so they keep coming with awesome phrases for me to quote and have a laugh, and then share with you of course. it seems like the Star of the week is Preethi...yet again, she just cracks me up so much every time we talk--luv her! Thanks Preets!

"I'm thinking about doing some Yoga this week. Let's get spiritual!" - Britney Spears

"y como te llama el deber si no tienes teléfono?" - Amandititita

"...eres una artista...estoy impresionada!" - Charline Picard

"...this dude...sorry prof. paul ekman..." - Preethi B.

"Halloween is the only time of year it is appropriate to be a complete slut without being judged." - Random

"yeah... okie so you're becomin a brit already.... your english neva sounded like a mexican's and now there s brit mixed in it as well... sil vu ples!!!" - Preethi B.

"ourquoi diana pourquoi??? Visiblement, je peux apprendre le français la langue complète alors que je vous attends!!" - Preethi B.

"am a utopian dreaming of a perfect world where the bastards are less charismatic than the good people." - Demien CS

"2nd day of tour and I'm already pocheando muy cabrón..:)" - Ximena Sariñana

"...because (in France) it's 'cool' to say 'cool'" - Charline Picard

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww diana !!! xoxo!!!! trust me...and by that i don't mean "trust me" like in quotes..... so trust me... its super fun talking to you.... gracias for honoring me..... i;m pretty speechless..... but i'd like to thank.... my funny self... and my not so funny self.... and crazy self which seems to appear only when i talk to the awesome DI... ANA( to be read as written)!!!