Tuesday, January 18, 2011



So, here are some more Quotes as people started the year saying some quite funny things--enjoy!

"Kris - Kim, you have to have a house-warming party!
Kim - I don't want anyone over...ever" - The Kardashians

"Voy a repartir mi ira a lo largo de las siguientes semanas, y te lo reprochare cuando estés más contento" Marge Simpson

"Ni tan guapo como en Facebook, ni tan feo como la IFE" - Random

"B - What happened to the genetics when it came to Kim? She doesn't seem to be very tough at all!
K - Too much Channel at too young!" - Bruce + Khloe from Keeping up With the Kardashians

"Kourtney (pretending to be Tyra Banks) - Why did you make a sex tape?
Kim - Because I was horny and I felt like it" - Kourtney + Kim Kardashian

"Yo que él, si iba a mi compu, cambiaba mi proxy, abría Facebook y la borraba!" - Gichef in a "naco" kinda tone lol

"...y uno que tiene el porte!" - Gerardo L. whenever he sees "not-so-sofisticafed" people doing fancy things haha

"The good news about the past is that it's over! The great news about the futre is that you can CREATE it" - Random

"Kris - Kendall, you have to think about what you're asking for, coz money doesn't grow on trees
Kendall - Yes, it does, it's paper!" - ...The Kardashians--smart kid! haha

"Sin quieres compañía, viaja solo" - Colin Thubron--SO true!

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  1. De verdad.... que tienes con las KARDASHIANS?, no te da un poco de pena que ocupen un 60% de tus Quotes y de tu vida en general??? -__-