Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Read + To Watch

This year that's starting I have decided there are three things that I wanna do, well, there are actually a lot more but you know, I wanna start slowly but surely, so the three of my, I don't wanna say "resolutions" so I'm gonna use "project" as it is closer to how it feels. The first, and one of the most important, things I wanna do is settled down in Mexico City at least for a an entire year, which finishes in November -because that's when this particular plan started-, along with my mobile phone contract and now it's been 2 months already far so good hehe. Besides that contract, the opening and shared-running of "333" will keep me busy enough (hopefully) to hang around that long; after that there are not many options really, just two to be honest, either I will: Stay and continue with a life of settlement in my hometown, or Travel around a bit more and maybe settle some place not miserable! lol

The other two projects are not nearly as important, it's just something that I wanna do because I like to do, so project #2 is to watch a movie i haven't watched before everyday, or at least, one every other day...either a new or an old movie; so far you could say I've been doing it every other day as I've seen like 12 or 13 movies since January 1st--not bad really, considering "333" has kept me busy. I will publish the complete list of movies I've been watching by the end of every month, perhaps you can use it as a recommendation list of what to watch and what not to watch--I'll try to be objective when I comment on them.

The last project involves something I really like doing as well, but that I haven't gotten to do as often as I'd like in the last couple of years and that is reading, yes, my projects involves reading at least one book per month, I think 12 would be a very good number by the end of the year, especially considering things such as the fact that people these days don't read as much as they used to, particularly in Mexico so, on top of enjoying many good readings by the end of 2011, I'd be also contributing with the numbers--it's a win-win really, isn't it? So far I've been doing good, I read a 574-page book in one week (I don't remember reading a book that thick that fast ever before, due to lack of time or whatever, I just don't think I had) and I am ready to start another one but I haven't found the right one just yet, I have several options but I'm still deciding; just like with the movies, I will let you know on a post the book/s I've read for the month.

I believe this should be interesting as reading is something that will only help you in life and watching movies can also be educating, besides entertaining. If anybody happens to have any title suggestions for either films or books, please be my guest--I have a pretty wide taste in both so I'm quite open to any type of suggestion really and it would be very much appreciated.

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