Monday, October 4, 2010

Along with the Fall came some Quotes

Alright, here's your little dose of Quotes for a good start of the Fall--my fave season of the year. Enjoy!

"Dreams come and go, but you never get over some of the ones you dreamed of the most" - Paola Vigueras

"Dini - i really need to learn alot about men
Diana - we all do (...) thats why its a good thing to screw up's the mistakes you learn the most from" - Convo between me + Dini

"And everything i say is true. 'Cause if I was telling lies it'd probably show..." - Brian Eno, MGMT--exactly my case!

"...desde chiquito es así, nunca te va ningún corte porque tienes la cabeza muy grande!" - Ana Patró Roberto (her brother) lol

"ahí no quedé tan papi sexy como quería" - Marius

"I'm leaving...voy a besuquearme con mi noviecito..." - Abbie Díaz

"tu eres una gran fotografa (...) mira (...) yo soy muy detallista demasiado y he visto fotografos a montones y son muy pocos a los cuales yo les digo eso porque no tienen el enfoque que tu le das" Tatiana G.

"It's important to refrain from being bitter over life's disappointments. Not everything will go your way but if you learn to let go of the past and recognize the great things you've accomplished, you will be on your way to happiness!" - Random

"Art gives us an opportunity to fall in love with a stranger" - Walter Hopps

"...John estaba teniendo un orgasmo arbolar" - Marius

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