Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Washing Bowl Experience

Now, for those of you who have ever done the dishes in their life, this might be a milestone as per doing the dishes goes...or not lol.

In Mexico (and the rest of Latin American, I'm assuming) people do the dishes in a sink, with a little sponge and the appropriate soap; wet the dishes, soap them and then wash the soap off, to later put in a tray to dry them off--the whole process may vary a bit depending on the region, but I do believe variations are minimal.

In the US, some people may do it "the old-fashioned" way, which is the Latin American way but most people use dishwashers, of course, why not? It's easier, faster...though not necessarily better, thing is they do and the like it.

Now, in India...they share the basic, and they also use a plastic bowl, so they kinda combine a little bit of both worlds, oh and also, they don't use soap/detergent or anything like that, AND, they do it while squatting the whole time--fun eh!

And in the UK -this is interesting-, they use a bowl! Yes, they have a plastic bowl in the sink and they use a little brush to scrub the dishes, so you basically have a smaller-than-it-should-be space to do the dishes; you wet them, scrub them with soap and then put them on the dish rack...without actually washing it the soap off--weird eh! So, I asked my friend Kirsty why they use the bowl to which she replied "I don't know!" haha Seriosuly, she did! So yeah, Brits use it and they don't even know why; she started a topic on Facebook asking the same question to which, surprisingly enough, she didn't get many replies because, guess what?...nobody actually knows the reason!! Some people said something like "So the sink doesn't get scratched - or because the plug doesn't fit properly.", which makes no sense really but they're trying to make it look as if it makes sense to have one lol Some other replies came, but they didn't make sense either and I say this because I've tried all the ways (Latin, Indian. well, not USaian and English one) and the English one just doesn't really work, far from that, I found it quite an obstacle, it just slows you down and it doesn't feel like they dishes are quite clean when you're done.

Conclusion: If you have a washing up bowl in the sink at home...try not using it once and you'll see the difference, you'll never use the bowl again. =)

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