Friday, October 22, 2010

Some more Quotes for the Cold, Cold Fall... the days get colder here in old 'n cold London, I keep on collecting quotes here and there...hopefully, laughter will help you keep warm...or entertained lol

"Ana - sabías que Inglaterra se cambió al Euro?
Diana - Noooo, no se cambiaron!
Ana - Claro que siii, actualízate niña!" - Convo between Me + Ana--needless to say she was embarrassed after realizing she wasn't quite right

"he's just an annoyingly talented young man!" - Kirsty on Plan B

"Un Don me dijo: 'Ahhh, yo a la Fergie me la comia enterita...sssss'...QueLePasa jajajajajaja" - Mario Albarran

"I think the Tube Gods are plotting against you" - Kirsty Marshall

"It's fucked-up how sweet you guys are" - Karen O

"chacheando y bailando lambada con la escoba" - Maria Daniela

"I am not G.I. Jane, I'm attachment Barbie!" - Teddy from Grey's Anatomy

"When you get knocked down you gotta get back up, that's the way it is in life and love, If you're gonna be dumb,You gotta be Tough." - Karen O

"We live in a world where we have to hide ourselves to make love, while the violence is made at the light of day." - John Lennon

"People Can Do The Most Amazing Things...ask my parents then!" - David Vigueras

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