Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cours de Cuisine Française

Alors...I got up this morning excited and a bit nervous, I must admit, as I was attending a French Cooking Class, I was obviously nervous because I am not a cook, I mean, I may be able to do one or two things in the kitchen but 1)mostly mexican and 2)mostly not too elaborated so you can imagine the pressure I felt under...however (as usual), I was up and ready for the challenge; luckily, I wasn't all by myself but with my friend Charline, who's French and has more of an idea of how to cook.

The class is called "L'Atelier des Chefs" and it takes place inside Lafayette Maison, which is an apartment store near the Opera House; it's for 8 people and it's inside a small sort of glass cube with a kitchen inside--of course.

So, we got there and all the Chef spoke was French, obviously, so I opened my ears and tried to catch as much as I could...I got the main ideas most of the time, but not the little jokes and stuff like that. We were to cook Filet de Poulet au Pain d'épices (Chicken Fillet with Bread of Spices) with vegetables and Pain Perdu de Pain d'épices, which has no literal translation but it was Pears soaked in Caramel.

At one point, I must say I felt pretty horrible as I was peeling a carrot and the Chef came up to me and did ir for me, like it was the easiest thing in the world...and yes, it may be BUT, I haven't got much talent for the kitchen like I said before. Anyways, the class was good but a bit disappointing as we didn't get to do much of the cooking, but the Chef did it for us. We basically cut, peeled and stuff like that. I did learn some stuff though, such as making caramel should be without water, unlike I've done it all my life haha Also, that you can put the chicken on a pan to get a nice color but finish cooking it on the oven so it stays soft and nice.

In the end, we didn't get to eat the meal there and it wasn't quite finish (it needed a few more minutes in the oven) so we couldn't go picnicking in a park either, which was kinda of a bummer. But, all in all, I really enjoyed the class and it actually encouraged me to start cooking a bit more when I'm home...perhaps not very fancy and/or French stuff, but...well, we'll see.

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