Friday, October 29, 2010

A Rendez-Vous à Paris

Rendez-Vous (French for 'encounters') are kind of odd enough when you're living in a big city, eg. Mexico City (though they seemed to happen to me all summer!), but after all, it is YOUR city, you've been there for quite a while (if not all or most of your life), you've managed to accumulate a certain amount of friends/acquaintances/and whatnot...BUT, when something like this happens in a city which is also big, very busy and quite crowded such as Paris, which on top of it, is not your city and is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in a different Continent, AND you only know a handful of people..."what are the odds?", you would think, right?

Well, yesterday I beat the odds as I was happily walking on the streets of beautiful Paris...and by happily I may mean "a bit confused", going towards Montparnasse Train Station when I was crossing the street and suddenly, then and there, out of nowhere I ran into Jeremy, an old friend of mine! We met in Paris back in 2007 during my first trip to the French Metropolis and we've stayed in touch ever since though rarely talk--he's a really cool guy.
So, we did what french do on a daily basis...we went to the nearest cafe and sat down for coffee, a smoke and a chat. That encounter lead to arranging our next one, which will be tonight and we'll be, not French food to the surprise of you all, but Mexican food! I do kinda miss it at this point and Jeremy has some real Mexican ingredients he brought from his recent trip to Mexico so...let the cooking begin! I'll tell you how it goes on a later post.

After this event of randomness, I couldn't help but wonder...has the world gotten too small...or I simply keep on going through the same pads over and over again?...
Here, a photo of our Parisien Rendez-Vous.

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